Northwood Missionary Auctions is run by a Committee who organise the collection and valuation of items donated from all over the country. A Board of Trustees oversees the Charity, reviews and develops its strategic direction, and holds overall responsibility for the Charity's performance and integrity as a Christian service organisation.

Peggie Baker

Trustee - Stratford upon Avon

David Bradley

Trustee - Northwood, Middlesex

Ian Copson

Chairman of Trustees - South London

Malcolm Iliff

Founder and Trustee - Northwood, Middlesex

Hilary Jelly

Trustee - Northwood, Middlesex

Ruth Sowton

Trustee - West Sussex

Howard White

Trustee and Chairman of Managing Committee - Northwood, Middlesex

Ian Murray

Management Committee member

If you wish to get in touch with a trustee or member of the committee, please see our Contact Page for details.