Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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When was the organisation established?

In 1969, as a Registered Charity. Northwood Missionary Auctions has been holding sales and more recently selling through established independent auction houses since then.

Where do the items come from?

All items are given by persons who wish to support the charitable objects of Northwood Missionary Auctions namely, the advancement of Christianity and the Christian gospel at home and abroad. No money is given back to the donor all the proceeds are sent to the donor's organisation of choice, for the purposes of the charitable objects. A list of those organisations that have benefited from the proceeds of the previous year are shown on the Beneficiaries page.

Do you provide valuations or estimates?

Where possible yes, on specific request if items are going to eb offered ot the Charity.  We are not porfessional valuers.

Is there a seller's commission?

None or very little.

Is there a buyer's premium?

Most auctioneers we use charge a buyer's premium.

Can I place a reserve on any item I would like to donate?

Most items do not carry reserves, but the auctioneer or organisers may apply discretionary reserves on any lot. Reserves, or whether reserves are being applied, are not made public.

Are any of the items given for auction by trading companies or individuals with only part of the proceeds going to charity?

No. We do not deal with any trading companies or individuals on that basis.

How is Northwood Missionary Auctions financed?

The charity is run by volunteers. Expenses such as website costs are very low and are financed from NMA's own funds.  Details can be provided on specific request.

Who operates Northwood Missionary Auctions?

The Northwood Missionary Auctions Charity has a Board of Trustees which oversees the organisation. Day to day work by volunteers involved is overseen by a Committee. This Committee reports periodically to the Trustees who have ultimate responsibility for the running of the Charity.

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